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Window cleaning prices

Getting an accurate window cleaning price in most cases requires an onsite visual assessment by your prospective window cleaner. If you search online you can usually find a calculator that will give you a rough guide to what you might pay, but it can never be 100% truly accurate. In fact you will find one on our website here using the link below.

Window cleaning price estimate

There are a number of factors that can affect the calculation of a window cleaner’s quotation, the location of the property is just one of them. Also, the rates at which a window cleaner normally charges, as these can vary from company to company. Many professional window cleaners now use water fed pole systems to clean windows, and usually charge more for this type of cleaning, but it also means the windows don’t have to be cleaned as often because it provides a cleaner, longer lasting finish.

Although QWC provides a set price for the ‘first clean’ when you book your window cleaning, the actual regular price will always be provided by the window cleaner assigned to clean your property, and only after they have completed a visual inspection. This will be carried out during the first clean.