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QWC offers a unique opportunity for window cleaning companies to join the Quality Window Cleaners network. QWC is growing every day and new leads continue to flow in. This is mainly due to our high profile, high ranking web pages and social media marketing. In fact we also provide these type of services to our members as well. So if you’re not currently experiencing much response from your existing website, then as a QWC member we can help provide you with the online presence that your company deserves.

As a QWC member, not only is it possible for you to gain new customers through our lead generating system, you could also benefit from our internet marketing services. Just imagine for a moment that your company is not only getting customer enquiries from a QWC custom designed lead generating website on the first page of Google for your area, but also new customer referrals are coming through from the QWC website, also on the first page of Google for your area. Yes, this is entirely possible, and when you become a member, (membership is currently free for all new sign ups) then you will soon see the benefits that QWC can offer your business.

As a window cleaning business owner you may currently be using other means to find new customers. One of the most effective ways is to canvass for customers by knocking on doors. However, this can be time consuming, and in some areas of the UK it is becoming increasingly difficult to use this method. No canvassing signs are becoming more evident, and private gated communities are also on the increase. Country residences are also often neglected because they are not worth going out of your way to canvass.

In fact most people have had enough of unsolicited callers, and many window cleaning companies are now resorting to leaving leaflets, but this has very limited response rates, and it’s also very time consuming. The expense of having them printed can also be prohibitive in some cases.

Isn’t it better to deal with potential customers who are actively seeking a window cleaner? A lot of people who need a window cleaner are now looking online. And even if you continue to use other methods, you can’t afford to ignore the potential of the internet.

If you’re looking to expand your round or tap into new areas, or simply looking to gain a few new window cleaning jobs from customers who want a window cleaner, then why not join QWC today. It’s free to join and you only need to fill in a brief application form.

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