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Window cleaning discount vouchers

Special introductory window cleaning discount vouchers are available in selected areas for people who are looking for a regular, reliable window cleaner.

Amount of discounts can vary depending on the QWC members and terms and conditions. Average discount however will be around 20% off the first clean.

For some houses a free inspection and quote is required first to assess the regular cleaning price. An introductory discount will then be deducted on the first clean if available. Conservatory cleaning can also be chosen as an add-on charge when you book your first window clean.

Please note that the introductory discount is usually on the 1st clean only and is generally subject to the customer requiring a regular window cleaning service. Some Quality Window Cleaners members may accept bookings for ‘one off’ cleans, but you will have to contact them directly to find out if they do. Sometimes having to clean windows that haven’t been cleaned for a long time means they will have accumulated a lot of dirt and will be harder to clean. Usually they require cleaning twice to get them clean properly therefore if an extra ‘deep’clean is required it will inevitably cost more.

Choosing a QWC member will ensure you get a reliable, professional and trustworthy window cleaner to clean your windows. Members of the Quality Window Cleaners network of professional window cleaners are available in London and throughout the UK.