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Water fed pole window cleaning

Most professional window cleaners now use a water fed pole system to clean windows using 100% pure filtered water that is free from contaminents.The ionised pure water is applied by pumping it through an extendable water fed pole which enables the window cleaner to reach windows without the use of ladders. It also means that the cleaning of windows that were previously hard or almost impossible to reach using ladders safely, such as windows above conservatories, and high reach windows on properties that are three storeys high or more, is much easier using this type of cleaning system.

The way the Wfp system works is that dirt particles that accumulate on windows are removed by agitating them with a soft bristled brush and rinsed away using pure water. No chemicals or detergents are used during this process because they are not required. This makes the cleaning process very quick and efficient, as well as environmentally friendly.

Apart from providing cleaner, longer lasting results, the water fed pole system has other benefits too. It means more privacy for the householder, reduced noise and safer cleaning for the window cleaner.

For more details about the benefits of the water fed pole cleaning methods click the link below.

Better window cleaning using the wfp