Traditional vs Modern window cleaning techniques

Looking to clean the windows of your home, office building or shop windows? Then you might be wondering how exactly you’re going to clean those windows – whether you should try it out yourself or to get a professional involved in the cleaning process. This decision really comes down to the scale of the job, your budget, and also whether you prefer the idea of using the traditional method of window cleaning or the more modern method of window cleaning.

Did you know that it can take up to 2 weeks to clean the windows of the Gherkin in London? Now that’s quite a hefty cleaning job!

The team over at Pure Freedom have created a pretty cool infographic, shown below, which pinpoints the main differences between the modern method and the traditional method of window cleaning. The infographic starts off by outlining some of the basics, and then goes onto explain some particular situations which each method might be best for, as well as the essential equipment needed for each job. The infographic also outlines the key advantages and disadvantages of using each method, and then concludes with an outline of what it might cost you or your business.

Whether you’re a home owner, shop owner or manager of a large office, you need to determine how big the project is and assess how quickly and efficiently you want the job doing. Picking up the right equipment and understanding some of the main techniques used within the window cleaning industry is essential in making the most of clean and sparkling windows!

Traditional versus modern window cleaning techniques