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Why using too much cleaning chemicals should be avoided

When it comes to using cleaning products around the home it can sometimes be tempting to overdo it. Cleaning glass, furniture and laundry items are the three areas where people tend to overuse chemical cleaners.

Why is that bad? You might ask.

A recent short article published in the Huffington post provides an insight into the reasons and what the results can often lead to.

The Product: Glass Cleaner:

Why it’s bad to overuse: Cleaning expert Jolie Kerr blames overuse on a common mistake, “People tend to spray the surface in need of cleaning rather than the rag, cloth or paper towel they’re using to wipe the surface.” Spray too much and you’re basically pushing dirt and lint around, which leads to nasty streaks. Instead: Spritz the paper towel with your glass cleaner of choice, then wipe down the glass.

The Product: Furniture Polish:

Why it’s bad to overuse: There is such a thing as caring too much for your beloved wood furniture. Kerr says that by spraying (or buffing with wax) frequently, you can end up creating a build-up. This, in turn, ends up attracting more dust and dirt. Instead: Apply a light mist (or light coat) of furniture polish once a month. Wipe furniture down with microfiber cloths between polishes.

The Product: Laundry Detergent:

Why it’s bad to overuse: We were surprised to learn that we’re only supposed to be using a tablespoon at a time. Pouring excess amounts into the wash can create a film that prevents clothes from actually getting clean. Instead: Use an old tablespoon to measure out just enough product.