Hi tech window cleaning

The future of window cleaning may be just around the corner. A new ‘Window Washing Robot’ is being sold on a gadget website for $399. It’s being described as being “the world’s first robot which will automatically clean any glass surface that you place it on, regardless of its thickness”.

The advert goes on to say… “the gamut of windows, glass doors, mirrors and hard to reach outdoor windows in and around your home can be cleaned with but a single touch of a button”

Apparently it works by using a powerful internal vacuum pump which seals it onto the glass to stop it falling off. Using two motors to drive the anti-slip treads, the robot will be able to go about it’s cleaning work without slipping and falling off the glass surface. It also has a built in artificial intelligence that can calculate the glass area automatically, supposedly resulting in the most efficient route to clean, according to its calculations.

Is this the writing on the wall for window cleaners? Or will it require an endless supply of batteries to keep it working?

Who knows? Perhaps the next version will be a fully working android using the latest water fed pole system. Now that surely would signal the end of your friendly neighbourhood window cleaner!

More details about the window washing robot can be found here (if they haven’t sold out)

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