Simon Cowell gets pelted with eggs on Britains Got Talent

In a rare television moment, Simon Cowell gets eggs thrown at him on live’ TV. Although Simon seems to have egg on his face (or was it his chest?) he seems to take it in his stride and remains calm and in good humour. Most of it seems to have landed on his jacket though, so I guess the worse thing to come out of it (apart from someone in security getting fired) is a cleaning bill, which I’m sure Simon can afford.

By the way, if you ever get your windows ‘egged’ (a common practical joke by naughty children) here’s a tip… try removing the eggy mess with hot soapy water and detergent and agitate with a stiff nylon brush, leave for a couple of minutes and then repeat until all the egg has been removed.

Better still, why not call your local friendly professional window cleaner ?

How does Simon Cowell like his eggs? “funny side up”

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