Quality Window Cleaners members application form

IMPORTANT – Please ensure that all parts of the form are filled in to avoid any delay in your application.

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Services that you provide

Residential Window Cleaning
Commercial Window Cleaning
Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning
Traditional Window Cleaning
Conservatory Cleaning
Conservatory Roof Cleaning
Gutter Clearing
Fascia Soffit & Gutter Cleaning
Internal Window Cleaning
Solar Panel Cleaning
Cladding Cleaning

Confirmation of QWC requirements

I confirm that the company named above has public liability insurance
I confirm that we clean window frames and sills as part of the window cleaning service
I confirm that the company vehicle is sign written with the company’s name and contact details
I confirm that all window cleaning company staff are uniformed
I confirm that I adhere to health and safety regulations
I confirm that I have a fully operating website with all my contact details

Agreement to QWC ‘Quality Guarantee’*required

I agree to comply with the QWC ‘Quality Guarantee’ which states that if the customer has a quality issue with the window cleaning, the customer will receive a free clean of the window in question within 7 days or a free window clean of the window on the next clean.

Agreement to QWC terms of service*required

On acceptance of a new customer who contacts me via the Quality Window Cleaners email enquiry links, or via telephone where the customer quotes QWC as a new customer reference, I agree to clean the windows of any new regular customer and provide a discount of 20% on the first clean when presented with a printed QWC discount voucher. I also agree that I may provide an additional discount (optional) set by me on any of the following services (by arrangement with the customer):

1. Conservatory roof clean
2. Fascia and soffits clean
3. Gutter cleaning
4. Solar panel cleaning.

* No referral fees are charged by QWC for new customers who contact you via our website or by telephone using the QWC reference. We only ask that you provide the new customer with a 20% discount on their first window clean if they present you with a QWC voucher. Any additional discounts you might offer for related cleaning services such as fascia cleaning or gutter cleaning etc are priced solely at your discretion.

* Each QWC member is provided an exclusive area/member profile page and may apply for 3 additional area/member profile pages if you upgrade to a ‘Gold’ member.

* The 12 months ‘Gold’ membership fee is £5 per month or £50 per year commencing the date you upgrade. Membership then becomes renewable each year unless you opt out. Basic membership is still free.

* Prior to renewal ‘Gold’ members are invoiced for a further 12 months but may opt out if they wish to cancel. Payment must be received prior to the insertion of any new or renewed Gold member pages. Additional area/member profile pages are subject to availability. The choice of area is provided on a first come, first served basis.

* QWC guarantees each member exclusivity for the location(s) allocated to their area/member profile page(s). If a member opts out of their Quality Window Cleaners network membership their area/profile page(s) will be made available to another existing or new member.