Paying for your window cleaning

The old scam of conmen collecting payments for window cleaning has reared it’s ugly head again. This time in Bridport.

Bridport News reports that an alert was put out to tenants after window cleaning contractors for their local housing provider warned that con men were targeting residents and were knocking on doors requesting money for the cleaning work after the contractors had left the area. A spokesman for the window cleaning firm ‘Clean Image’ advised tenants not to part with any money and said: “Clean Image does not request money from residents, so this is a scam.”

The fact is, this can also happen to private residents too. Stories of con artists knocking on doors and posing as the window cleaner’s payment collector has been an all too often occurence that has caught out many an unsuspecting resident. So be on guard and always check that the person knocking on your door is a legitimate employee of the company. If you don’t know them by sight then call your window cleaner before parting with any money.

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