The Quality Window Cleaners network – Terms and conditions of membership

The QWC website has many web pages that come up high in the search results for areas throughout the UK. These pages will be expanded upon as the membership grows. QWC membership and a link to the members website is free of charge to all members. Additional ‘Gold’ member area/profile pages are subject to a monthly fee of £5 for up to 3 extra pages all inclusive, or £52 for a full year. This fee is optional and not a requirement to be a member of QWC. Members may cancel their standard or ‘Gold’ member profile/area pages at any time.

Each profile/area page is exclusive to one member for that area. Prospective customers will be able to contact the member direct and members do not have to pay a customer referral fee for leads generated via QWC. The only requirements to retain membership are the terms and conditions as stated here.

1. Once an application to become a member of the Quality Window Cleaners network has been accepted, members will be required to abide by our terms and conditions which are outlined below. Failure to adhere to these terms and conditions may result in the termination of membership and removal of all contact details and web pages that promote your business to prospective customers who are searching for a window cleaner in your area when they visit the QWC website.

2. QWC request that members who obtain a new customer who presents them with a QWC 20% discount voucher for their first clean, to honour and provide the customer with the 20% discount (first clean only). The actual cleaning price is set by you based on what you would normally charge.

If the windows, sills, frames and panels require extra cleaning due to an extended period of not being cleaned, you may decide an additional charge must be applied if you deem this essential. QWC does not determine how much you should charge for your services. We simply try to find you new customers who require a high quality professional service and provide incentives with our online promotional discount vouchers.

3. The QWC vouchers we promote to new customers will be for a fixed 20% discount on the 1st clean only and for promotional purposes will be free for the customer to download as an incentive to book a clean. Each QWC member will have maximum flexibility in how they wish to charge new customers that contact you through your QWC member profile/area page. Additional discounts that you may wish to offer for extra cleaning services such as conservatory roof cleaning, fascia and soffit cleaning, gutter cleaning and solar panel cleaning etc., will be at your own discretion and can be arranged directly with the customer.

4. QWC also has an alternative 50% voucher offer that provides a new customer with a 3rd clean discount. This discount voucher offer is optional for members who want to provide it and only applies to properties that require more than 20 windows to be cleaned on a regular basis, thus providing our members with a lucrative new cleaning job to add to their round. This is an optional alternative discount, and members who prefer not to offer this discount can do so by telling the customer they do not provide this in their area. Although not obligatory, a potential new customer may decide to look elsewhere if this is not provided, so we do encourage you to offer this discount whenever possible.

5. QWC members will have the right to use the ‘Quality Window Cleaners’ network logo on their vehicle, stationery and advertising.

6. QWC members will also be privilege to generous discounts on specialist services including website design and logo design services through arrangement with our affiliation with a leading UK web design agency who specialise in designing websites for window cleaners.

7. In order to maintain the operating of the Quality Window Cleaners network our monthly or annual ‘Gold’ membership fee only applies to those members who want to be promoted through our additional profile/area page option. Currently, this allows a paying member to have up to 3 additional area profile pages that are designed and optimised to appear high in the search results of popular search engines for keyworded phrases specifically targeted to those areas. The main three search engines being Google, Bing and Yahoo! On these pages we will promote your business exclusively for that area, including contact details such as telephone numbers, email addresses, website address and website link, plus business address if required.

Additional location pages may also become available to use and promote your company by special arrangement. All available area pages are provided on a first come first served basis and will be exclusive to the member who reserves them for as long as they remain a QWC member.

This concludes the details of the Quality Window Cleaners terms and conditions of membership.

If, for any reason you do not want to abide by these new terms and conditions then please send us an email and we will remove you from the network at your request.

To sum up….

The main goal of the Quality Window Cleaners network is to drive leads directly to our members through our highly ranked website pages that promote our member’s business in their target area. Most customer enquiries will come direct through each member’s profile page, with the occasional enquiry passed on through emails that may have come through the QWC enquiry form. The QWC discount vouchers will be a major incentive to encourage the customer to choose your service rather than look elsewhere.

Because QWC only promote highly quality professional window cleaning businesses, you can be assured that new customers who are seeking a quality service will find your services through our website.

Not a member but want to apply? Click here to fill in the application form QWC Membership Application