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Frequently asked questions

Q. Why should I join Quality Window Cleaners?
A. Quality Window Cleaners is at the forefront of online marketing that specialises in helping window cleaners gain new business. Our website is currently ranking high in the search results for many areas throughout the UK including many major towns and cities.

Q. I have my own website which is also on the first page of Google, so why use yours?
A. First of all, if your website is on the first page for the most sought after search phrases, that’s great! We congratulate you. But joining Quality Window Cleaners will help increase your enquiries. Even if we appear on the same page for the same area, it means you can double your chances of gaining a new customer.

Q. Are there any other benefits in joining?
A. Certainly. Apart from the fact that you will be a member of a highly recognised network of professional window cleaners, (we only accept window cleaners who meet our criteria) members also have access to additional services. We provide specialised bespoke web design for window cleaners and related services, plus SEO and occasional social media promotions, as well as providing an influx of new customer referrals from our own website marketing.

Q. How do customers know we are a member of Quality Window Cleaners?
A. Only members of Quality Window Cleaners are eligible to use the ‘Member of Quality Window Cleaners’ logo on their business cards, leaflets and vehicles etc. And only members are passed on customer introductions in areas that they cover. We also provide profile pages of members with their contact details on the area page they are listed on.

Q. You mentioned SEO. Can you help my website get higher in the search engines?
A. If your website is not on the first or second page of Google, Bing or Yahoo! as a member we can offer advice to help you get it there. And when your website does start generating enquiries we can show how you can get even more. However, these services are only available to ‘Gold’ members.

Q. I don’t have a website. Can you design one for me?
A. Yes. We will be happy to design you a website and can also provide a reliable web hosting service to keep your website connected to the internet 24/7. We can also optimise your website for the search engines too. In addition, Gold members receive 20% discount on these services.

Q. Are there any costs involved in becoming a member?
A. Joining the Quality Window Cleaners network is completely free of charge for qualifying members. However, members have the option to increase the amount of customer referrals they may receive by opting in to become a ‘Gold’ member and have up to 3 additional Profile/area pages, for which there is a small monthly fee of £5 and you can cancel your ‘Gold’ membership at any time if you feel it necessary. QWC members profile pages generally rank high on the 1st or 2nd page of at least one of the top three search engines – Google, Bing and Yahoo! for popular keyword searches. This will ensure you receive at the very least a few customer enquiries during each annual period.

Q. Do you charge members for passing on your customer introductions?
A. Quality Window Cleaners do not charge any fees for introducing new customers that have made bookings with you and who use our promotional voucher system. All we ask is that the member carries out the first clean for the customer with a 20% discount on the 1st clean.

If the customer’s windows need an extra deep clean after a long period of non-cleaning, or the customer requires additional cleaning services such as the cleaning of a conservatory roof, or fascias, soffits, cladding or guttering, then the member may charge the customer their normal extra fee less any discount you are prepared to offer as a special offer for the first time cleaning. However, this is optional but may be helpful in order to secure a new customer.

Q. How do I know that the enquiry is generated by the Quality Window Cleaners website?
A. The members profile contact page includes your email address which adds a reference to QWC in the subject line of the email enquiry. With phone calls customers are requested to quote QWC when they contact you. Also, when a QWC customer arranges their first clean they will most likely present you with a 20% off QWC voucher, so you will know for sure that they have been referred to you by the Quality Window Cleaners network.

Q. Are there any charges for your additional membership services?
A. The specialised services we provide are optional for members to use if they require them. There is no obligation to use them, but if you do then they will be subject to our usual fees, less any discounts available to QWC members. In some cases this can mean savings worth much more than the total annual membership fee.

Q. Is there anything else I should know before signing up?
A. Window cleaners who want to join the Quality Window Cleaners network should read our basic requirements first. We can only accept professional window cleaners whose goal is to provide a high quality window cleaning service and be recognised as such. To qualify as a member there are some basic requirements, which any good professional window cleaner will have no trouble in meeting. See our application form by clicking the link below.

For more details about our QWC membership discount offers please contact us.

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