Licensed window cleaners

In Scotland the majority of councils require window cleaners to have a licence which lasts for 3 years after which it becomes renewable.

The license requires window cleaners to abide by certain conditions, including the adherance to health and safety rules and procedures. CRB checks may also be required.

Using a licensed window cleaner in Scotland means you can be sure your window cleaner is professional and trustworthy.

If you’re a window cleaner, or thinking of starting a window cleaning business in Scotland then check with your council to see if you need a licence to work in the area.

In order to obtain a license you may need to provide the following…

1. Proof of your public liability insurance
2. At least 2 passport photographs
3. If you are an employee, a copy of the employer’s liability insurance that covers you

If your council issues an identification badge you must wear it while you carry out your work, preferably in a place where it is clearly visible.

For more information on becoming a licensed window cleaner is Scotland visit

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