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Is window cleaning safe?

Window cleaning is considered to be one of the most dangerous jobs you can undertake. This is one of the main reasons why people choose to use a professional window cleaner rather than doing it themselves.

Unlike in some other countries which use windows that open up on the inside, making it easier to for the homeowner to clean, most windows installed in British homes need to be cleaned from the outside, so upper storey windows have to be cleaned using either ladders, which can be extremely risky, or by using a high reach water fed pole system. This is something that more and more professional window cleaners are now changing over to. However, these systems are costly and require special filters to purify the water and somewhere to store it before use. This makes them impractical for most homeowners.

One of the great advantages of using a water fed pole sytem is that it reduces the risk of injury dramatically. Unlike in Scotland, there is no government licensing in England or Wales which this means anyone can claim to be a window cleaner. Though many window cleaning businesses expect that eventually laws will be brought in to make ladders illegal for window cleaning, (due to the fact that each year several window cleaners die from falls and many more are injured), it’s unlikely to be implemented in the near future.

Should you risk cleaning your own windows?

It’s not something we would recommend. What we do recommend though, is choosing your window cleaner carefully. As we said, anyone can set themselves up to be a window cleaner, but isn’t it better to choose a reliable, professional company that has invested thousands of pounds in the latest effective cleaning systems that are safe and offer many other benefits too?

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