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Gutter cleaning with Sky Vac

How often do you get your gutters cleaned?

Regular gutter cleaning should be considered an important part of the regular maintenance of your home or business premises. Making sure the gutters are kept clear is an important part of weatherproofing your property from water damage caused by penetration due to broken or clogged gutters. Waiting until there’s a problem with your gutters before getting them cleaned can sometimes be false economy if your property has already suffered water penetration.

A regular routine cleaning of your gutters can easily prevent problems. Ideally cleaning should be carried out once or twice a year depending on how vulnerable your property is to harsh weather conditions that can cause leaves and debris to accumulate in your gutters.

Gutter cleaning no longer needs to be a dirty, risky job, climbing ladders and digging out the dirt. Professional companies who offer this service now use more hi tech equipment such as the Sky Vac system as seen in the video above. These can be used safely and effectively from the ground.