Frequently asked questions

Q. Can you give me a free quote?
A. Unfortunately we cannot give you a free quotation. Our service is simply to introduce you to a local reputable window cleaner who is a member of the Quality Window Cleaners network and has been ‘Approved’ by us for their professional service. You can contact our member directly to arrange a free quote. Please use the search box above to find a member in your area.

Q. What level of discounts are available?
A. Discounts on your first window clean are subject to the current discount voucher offer and are also subject to our members terms and conditions.

Q. Who will clean my windows?
A. Depending on where you live and your postcode, you can find a local ‘approved’ professional window cleaner who is a member of the Quality Window Cleaners network in our network directory and member profile pages.

Q. What is the Quality Window Cleaners network?
A. Quality Window Cleaners is a network of UK based professional window cleaners who meet the strict criteria of quality guidelines laid down by Quality Window Cleaners to be able to join the network.

Q. What criteria does Quality Window Cleaners require of it’s members?
A. Quality Window Cleaners requires that all it’s window cleaning members must have a high level of public liability insurance, a sign written vehicle, uniformed staff, and a website with contact details. This ensures that members are operating their business in a professional manner.

Q. So who are Quality Window Cleaners?
A. Quality Window Cleaners is a network service company who bring together window cleaners and customers who require a reliable, trustworthy, high quality window cleaner, while at the same time offering new customers a worthwhile saving on their first clean.

Q. Does this mean that Quality Window Cleaners do not clean my windows?
A. Quality Window Cleaners is not a window cleaning company. We promote professional window cleaning services and provide discount voucher offers agreed to by our members for new customers. All our members are high quality, reliable and professional window cleaners.

Q. What if Quality Window Cleaners cannot find a window cleaner in my area?
A. In the event that Quality Window Cleaners does not have a member in your area who can take on your window cleaning requirements we can help you find a non member who is not part of our network. However, our discounts and guarantees will not apply.

Q. How long will I have to wait before my windows get cleaned?
A. This will depend on when our member will be in your area. The day of cleaning may also depend on your requirements. This can vary from customer to customer, but windows can usually be cleaned within 7 – 14 days of contacting a QWC member.

Q. Can I arrange a one-off clean with a Quality Window Cleaner member?
A. This depends on the members own terms of service. Some members are happy to provide a one-off clean, usually at a premium price compared to a regular window clean. However, some members do not provide a ‘one off’ cleaning option.

Q. I have a conservatory which I also want cleaning. Will this be included in the window cleaner’s price?
A. Yes, providing that you have specifically requested your conservatory to be cleaned on each clean. This is recommended because if your windows are cleaned regularly but your conservatory is cleaned on an irregular basis it will look dirty in comparison. For this reason we advise that you get your conservatory cleaned every time you have your windows cleaned.

Q. Can I also have my conservatory roof cleaned?
A. Yes, but again, you will have to arrange this with the window cleaner and pay them direct for this as an additional service. You may also request a discount on this service if you have it carried out on the day of your first window clean. Discounts may not be available in all areas.