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Does your window cleaner have insurance?

Recently at a magistrate’s court hearing in Darlington a local window cleaning business was fined for not being able to produce an insurance certificate that covered accidents to staff. An inspector from the Health and Safety Executive invited the business owner to voluntarily produce his insurance certificate on a number of occasions but he failed to do so and was fined accordingly.

Does your window cleaner have statutory insurance that enables employees to claim compensation should they be injured at work?

Do they have public liability insurance that will cover damage to your property?

A professional window cleaner will have insurance to cover accidents at work and also to cover any accidental damage to your property. Make sure that your window cleaner has public liability insurance or you may not be able to claim damages if anything happens, or if someone gets hurt through negligence.

Window cleaners do not have to have public liability insurance by law because it is not a legal requirement, however, Quality Window Cleaners require all window cleaners to have insurance before they become an accepted member of the QWC network.