New members joining QWC in July

Three new members joined the Quality Window Cleaners network this month. Which is great news for people looking for a window cleaner in the areas of Melton Mowbray as well as West Bridgford near Nottingham and our Northern visitors from Airdrie in Scotland.

Our new members are Elite Window Cleaning, (Melton Mowbray), Sublime Shine Window Cleaning and Clearwater Window Cleaning.

All companies are independent window cleaners who qualify as members for their expertise and professionalism. Any window cleaners who are based in the UK are welcome to apply to join the network subject to acceptance and our terms and conditions.

See our members page for further details.

Window cleaning discount vouchers

Special introductory window cleaning discount vouchers are available in selected areas for people who are looking for a regular, reliable window cleaner.

Amount of discounts can vary depending on the QWC members and terms and conditions. Average discount however will be around 20% off the first clean.

For some houses a free inspection and quote is required first to assess the regular cleaning price. An introductory discount will then be deducted on the first clean if available. Conservatory cleaning can also be chosen as an add-on charge when you book your first window clean.

Please note that the introductory discount is usually on the 1st clean only and is generally subject to the customer requiring a regular window cleaning service. Some Quality Window Cleaners members may accept bookings for ‘one off’ cleans, but you will have to contact them directly to find out if they do. Sometimes having to clean windows that haven’t been cleaned for a long time means they will have accumulated a lot of dirt and will be harder to clean. Usually they require cleaning twice to get them clean properly therefore if an extra ‘deep’clean is required it will inevitably cost more.

Choosing a QWC member will ensure you get a reliable, professional and trustworthy window cleaner to clean your windows. Members of the Quality Window Cleaners network of professional window cleaners are available in London and throughout the UK.

Need a local window cleaner?

Do you need a trusted, reliable, local window cleaner?

Then choose Quality Window Cleaners, the national network of professional window cleaners.

Quality Window Cleaners offer a Special New Customer discount

New customers can save money on the price of their first widow clean. With QWC the process for booking a local window cleaner is simple. You just choose a voucher which matches the size of your property, add a conservatory if you have one (always get your conservatory regularly cleaned as well to avoid looking dirty compared to your house windows) and pay for your first clean through the online booking form. (click the map above)

How times have changed for window cleaning

The methods of cleaning windows have changed radically over recent years with the advent of water fed pole cleaning. There are still many window cleaners who stick with the traditional methods, but health and safety regulations, especially where the use of ladders are concerned, is making it more important to conform with safer cleaning procedures.

Running a window cleaning business is now perceived as a professional and skilled service, whether to residential or commercial customers and it’s fascinating to see how times have changed from window cleaning in the mid 20th century.

The following clip is from a window cleaning documentary made in the 1950’s

Click the following link if you’re looking for a commercial or residential window cleaner in Birmingham

Booking a window cleaner with QWC

It seems that Quality Window Cleaners is proving to be a popular way to book the services of a local window cleaner. Saving a new customer money on the first window clean is just one of the attractions and benefits that the customer receives from using QWC. One of the main benefits is that customers can be assured of getting a highly reliable and professional window cleaner, because QWC has a fairly strict vetting process before window cleaners are accepted.

To qualify window cleaning companies wishing to join the QWC network must adhere to the following:

* Members must have public liability insurance in force to cover their cleaning business.
* Members must comply with Health & Safety regulations pertaining to their window cleaning business.
* Members must have a sign written vehicle with clearly visible contact information.
* Members are required to have a published website with information about their business.
* Members use company staff that wear uniforms or branded t-shirts and are polite to customers at all times.
* Members agree to offer a free re-clean within 3 days if there is a quality issue with any of the windows.
* Members are required to provide a professional, reliable and customer friendly approach to their customers.

Most professional window cleaning companies who are serious about their business, and pursue high standards in order to give their customers a good service, will find the QWC network a useful resource in helping them find new customers.

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