The Quality Window Cleaners network is expanding

The Quality Window Cleaners network of local professional window cleaners is taking on new members in areas throughout the UK. This means more areas will be covered to provide more customers the opportunity to find a reliable, professional window cleaner in their area.

If you need a window cleaner then make sure you choose a ‘Quality’ window cleaner who will provide a first class service.

All members of the QWC network have been ‘approved’ before membership to ensure they operate in accordance with our criteria. Each member is required to be covered by public liability insurance or public liability and employer’s insurance. They must also have easy to find contact details clearly displayed on their vehicle, website and business literature, and should wear their company uniform during working hours wherever possible.

To find out if there is a QWC member in your area please use the search box above and type in your location or nearest large town.

Licensed window cleaners

In Scotland the majority of councils require window cleaners to have a licence which lasts for 3 years after which it becomes renewable.

The license requires window cleaners to abide by certain conditions, including the adherance to health and safety rules and procedures. CRB checks may also be required.

Using a licensed window cleaner in Scotland means you can be sure your window cleaner is professional and trustworthy.

If you’re a window cleaner, or thinking of starting a window cleaning business in Scotland then check with your council to see if you need a licence to work in the area.

In order to obtain a license you may need to provide the following…

1. Proof of your public liability insurance
2. At least 2 passport photographs
3. If you are an employee, a copy of the employer’s liability insurance that covers you

If your council issues an identification badge you must wear it while you carry out your work, preferably in a place where it is clearly visible.

For more information on becoming a licensed window cleaner is Scotland visit

Does your window cleaner have insurance?

Recently at a magistrate’s court hearing in Darlington a local window cleaning business was fined for not being able to produce an insurance certificate that covered accidents to staff. An inspector from the Health and Safety Executive invited the business owner to voluntarily produce his insurance certificate on a number of occasions but he failed to do so and was fined accordingly.

Does your window cleaner have statutory insurance that enables employees to claim compensation should they be injured at work?

Do they have public liability insurance that will cover damage to your property?

A professional window cleaner will have insurance to cover accidents at work and also to cover any accidental damage to your property. Make sure that your window cleaner has public liability insurance or you may not be able to claim damages if anything happens, or if someone gets hurt through negligence.

Window cleaners do not have to have public liability insurance by law because it is not a legal requirement, however, Quality Window Cleaners require all window cleaners to have insurance before they become an accepted member of the QWC network.

Commercial window cleaning

Did you know that Quality Window Cleaners can also provide details of recommended window cleaners in the QWC network who offer commercial window cleaning services?

With a network of window cleaning companies throughout the UK, QWC help bring together professional, reliable and highly experienced window cleaners and commercial clients who are seeking a competitive window cleaning service that meets their budget and their requirements. Whether it be for retail outlets, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, car showrooms, nursing homes, leisure centres or any other type of commercial premises. Contact Quality Window Cleaners today for further information. Please use our commercial window cleaning enquiry form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Please note, all the companies we recommend use the latest, fast and efficient cleaning equipment. These include the use of water fed pole systems and ‘pure’ ionised water which ensures that your windows will look cleaner and stay cleaner for longer.

Water fed pole window cleaning

Most professional window cleaners now use a water fed pole system to clean windows using 100% pure filtered water that is free from contaminents.The ionised pure water is applied by pumping it through an extendable water fed pole which enables the window cleaner to reach windows without the use of ladders. It also means that the cleaning of windows that were previously hard or almost impossible to reach using ladders safely, such as windows above conservatories, and high reach windows on properties that are three storeys high or more, is much easier using this type of cleaning system.

The way the Wfp system works is that dirt particles that accumulate on windows are removed by agitating them with a soft bristled brush and rinsed away using pure water. No chemicals or detergents are used during this process because they are not required. This makes the cleaning process very quick and efficient, as well as environmentally friendly.

Apart from providing cleaner, longer lasting results, the water fed pole system has other benefits too. It means more privacy for the householder, reduced noise and safer cleaning for the window cleaner.

For more details about the benefits of the water fed pole cleaning methods click the link below.

Better window cleaning using the wfp


Window cleaning business opportunities

Most people have had enough of unsolicited callers. Many people wouldn’t buy from someone who knocked on their door, even if its a service or a product that could save them money. A lot of companies are changing their policies as they have finally decided to listen to consumers who keep complaining to them to stop it. So why do window cleaners insist on continuing to knock on doors to find new customers?

The fact is, it’s still one of the most effective ways to get new business. Especially if the window cleaner already has customers in the same street. New business can often be generated from areas where potential customers see that you are regularly cleaning. Building up business in new areas can be more difficult though. It’s harder to get customer recommendations from people in areas that the window cleaner is not familiar with. But in order to expand and grow your business, this is something that has to be considered.

Leaflet drops can be useful but they have very limited response rates and most people get irritated by having leaflets shoved through their letterbox. So is there another solution? Can window cleaners build their rounds using other methods? How can a window cleaner get new customers other than using expensive advertising, leaflet drops and knocking on doors, which is basically time consuming and would be better spent cleaning windows.

As a window cleaner, is there a way to automate the process of finding new customers and collect payments without having to trade your time and lose money?

Perhaps there is.

Check out window cleaning business opportunities – how to expand your round and gain new customers the easier way.

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