Carpet cleaning services

Thinking of having your carpets cleaned before Xmas? Many cleaning companies in the UK recommend that your carpets are cleaned annually to keep them looking good, in better condition and more hygienic.

Having your carpets cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning service will produce a better longer lasting clean and enhance your home with a fresh new look and feel.

Some of the carpet cleaners we recommend can be found here… Cleaning companies

Do vacuum cleaners send you to sleep?

Believe it or not, there are quite a few videos on YouTube that are basically just presented so that you can listen to the noise they make, which apparently helps some people fall asleep. Personally, the noise they make grates on my nerves. But if you’re one of those people who finds their constant whining and droning makes you drowsy then check out this one below.

The video is almost 3 hours in duration, so if you haven’t fallen asleep by then I guess you can say it doesn’t work for you!


The future of cleaning your home?

Is this what cleaning your home might look like in years to come?

While technology has made our lives easier in many ways, cleaning our homes is still one of the most tedious chores that we have to face.

This idea for an automated cleaning system comprises of hundreds of tiny robots that specialise in the cleaning of all surfaces. Because the Micro-robots can fly means there are few areas where dust and dirt can accumulate that they cannot reach.

The wings of each robot are responsible for collecting energy from the solar panels. The only work humans have to do is load the Mab system with water and a chemical substance that gives disinfectant properties.

We already have automated carpet cleaners, so maybe at some point in future the micro cleaning robots will find a place in our homes.

Why Moms get nothing done

Ever wondered why tidying up after children takes so long?

We just had to show this charming video, which I’m sure will raise a smile with mums everywhere who know what it’s like to spend their time at home cleaning and tidying up around the house with those little tykes trying to help, but somehow achieving the opposite.

Cleaning products that won ‘Product of the Year’ in their category

Each year various products in various categories are awarded ‘Product of the Year’ status and this year Procter & Gamble took many of those awards, especially for their cleaning products.

The award categories and winners included ‘Laundry Additives’ (Lenor Fabric Conditioner range), ‘Laundry Stain Removal and Whitening’ (Ariel Stain Remover Whitener) ‘Dishwasher’ (Fairy Clean and Fresh dishwasher tablets) and ‘Household Cleaning’ (Flash Concentrated Liquid Gel) amongst others. Winner of the Steam Mop category was the H20 Mop X5 from Thane Direct.

For information about other ‘Products of the Year’ visit

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