Are your pets at risk?

A recent article in the Express warns about how ‘Cleaning your home could be deadly for your cats and dogs’

In the article it goes on to explain how animals have been left with horrific burns after coming into contact with dangerous everyday cleaning agents.

“One pet dog has had to be put to sleep after suffering caustic burns to its paws, legs and mouth from laundry detergent, while a cat was left foaming when it licked a floor cleaned with disinfectant.”

One of the biggest household hazards and cause for concern are toilets treated with chemicals.

Rebecca Ashman, a PDSA vet warned that… “With many households doing their spring cleaning, it’s important to ensure products are safe to use around pets.

“Millions of us use bleach, oven cleaner, dishwasher tablets and laundry detergents all the time in the home but we need to realise how dangerous they can be to our pets.

“Products such as bleach and detergents are highly corrosive and cause permanent and even life-threatening damage to a pet’s skin or insides if swallowed.”

So take heed, and for more details about other hazards in your home and what precautions you should take, please read the rest of this article via this link…

The Cleaning Show 2017

Following on from the success in 2015, this year The Cleaning Show is returning to ExCeL in London.

The show will be taking place on the 14-16 March 2017 and is the UK’s major event designed specifically for the cleaning and support services sector.

If you work o run a cleaning business this is an important event to add to your calender. It’s an essential event for anyone responsible for cleaning, maintenance and hygiene, from healthcare to hotel kitchens.

Registration is free of charge and more information about the show and seminars and workshops can be found on their website

Window cleaning in Space

It’s been reported that astronauts on the International Space Station will be going for a spacewalk to carry out some maintenance work which includes doing some window cleaning.

I wonder how long it will be before window cleaners start expanding their business into outer space and other Worlds! On the moon perhaps?

You can read more about this story on the BT website


Carpet cleaning as a business opportunity

Ever thought about starting your own carpet cleaning business?

Most businesses employ janitors or janitorial services to vacuum their carpets after hours daily, and then “master” carpet cleaners to deep-clean them every three months or so. Homemakers also generally vacuum their carpets perhaps several times a week, and then hope to deep-clean them maybe once every year or two, depending on the kind of household traffic, and of course on their budgets.

A carpet cleaning service offers a great opportunity to provide an essential service that caters for both the homeowner and business owner.

It doesn’t take any special education, skill or experience to operate a professional-type, deep-cleaning carpet cleaner. However, you do need to project an image of a thoroughly experienced expert in your field. For more details on how you can get started in this business, read the following article for more tips and advice.

How to Start a Carpet Cleaning Business

Window cleaners rescued on World Trade Center tower

If you think your local window cleaner is brave when working at height, check out these guys who had a very scary experience dangling from their cradle as it collapsed after one of their scaffold cables became loose. It took over 90 minutes before they were rescued while dangling near the 68th floor of the 104-story skyscraper.

Emergency workers had to break through a window to reach the men and help them to safety.

Why using too much cleaning chemicals should be avoided

When it comes to using cleaning products around the home it can sometimes be tempting to overdo it. Cleaning glass, furniture and laundry items are the three areas where people tend to overuse chemical cleaners.

Why is that bad? You might ask.

A recent short article published in the Huffington post provides an insight into the reasons and what the results can often lead to.

The Product: Glass Cleaner:

Why it’s bad to overuse: Cleaning expert Jolie Kerr blames overuse on a common mistake, “People tend to spray the surface in need of cleaning rather than the rag, cloth or paper towel they’re using to wipe the surface.” Spray too much and you’re basically pushing dirt and lint around, which leads to nasty streaks. Instead: Spritz the paper towel with your glass cleaner of choice, then wipe down the glass.

The Product: Furniture Polish:

Why it’s bad to overuse: There is such a thing as caring too much for your beloved wood furniture. Kerr says that by spraying (or buffing with wax) frequently, you can end up creating a build-up. This, in turn, ends up attracting more dust and dirt. Instead: Apply a light mist (or light coat) of furniture polish once a month. Wipe furniture down with microfiber cloths between polishes.

The Product: Laundry Detergent:

Why it’s bad to overuse: We were surprised to learn that we’re only supposed to be using a tablespoon at a time. Pouring excess amounts into the wash can create a film that prevents clothes from actually getting clean. Instead: Use an old tablespoon to measure out just enough product.

Window cleaning experts in Dublin

It takes a special type of window cleaner to be this brave. this was a scene photographed at the Convention Centre in Dublin as reported by the Independant Irish News website, describing it as “an adventure in itself, the team of window buffers successfully conquered the mountainous (and glassy) terrain in order to work up a decent shine”.


More pictures and the full article and background story can be seen here.

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