How to choose a good window cleaner

Ok, so you need a window cleaner, but how do you choose the best window cleaning service in your area to suit your needs? Price may be your first consideration, but there are other things you should carefully consider when choosing a cleaner if you want to find the best one for the job. Remember, your window cleaner will be providing a regular service so it’s important that you choose one that is going to be reliable and trustworthy.

When comparing window cleaning services you may not only find the fees they charge are quite varied, but also the quality and the type of services they offer can vary too.

Many professional window cleaning companies have moved over to using the water fed pole system of cleaning windows. This system uses pure water to clean windows and is applied using a brush and telescopic pole. This is especially useful for reaching second floor and third floor windows. It also means more privacy for the customer, generally less disturbance, and safer cleaning for the window cleaner. [ read more ]

How not to clean windows

Need another reason to avoid cleaning your own windows?

MSN recently had a story about a 97-year-old granny who became suspended 35 feet above the ground after she slipped while cleaning her fourth-floor windows. Fortunately she managed to grab on to an externally mounted air conditioner below her window to break her fall. The incident happened in Rivne in Ukraine where grannies are obviously tougher than old boots! With her foot wedged into the air conditioner’s bracket, the old dear managed to hang on for thirty minutes until help arrived.

Heres a video that captured the rescue procedure.

Window cleaner on trial

A recent report in the Shropshire Star reported that a window cleaner used his job to search for houses to burgle. Obviously this is a very rare occurence, but can you be absolutely sure that your window is trustworthy? Its obviously a concern for anyone who is seeking to employ a new window cleaner for the first time.

The story reports…

“The 29-year-old is on trial at Shrewsbury Crown Court and denies two counts of burglary, one count of theft and one count of perverting the course of justice.
The jury heard how on October 10 last year two homes in Waverley in Woodside were burgled”.

“Mr Philip Beardwell, prosecuting, said in the burglary on the first home car keys and an Accurist watch, tobacco, a camera and a telescope were stolen. The car keys were then used to take a Ford Focus car from the drive”.

Can you believe that?

This type of incident should never have happened, and it’s extremely difficult for a houseowner to judge who they can trust when faced with the task of choosing a good, honest and reliable window cleaner. To make it easier for the customer, QWC ensures that window cleaners we recommend are professional and well established companies who have either many years of trusted service and/or have invested large sums of money into their business to provide a quality service for the customer. We also make sure that our network of cleaners meet strict quality guidelines before they are passed on to new customers.

For more details on the story above click here

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