Removing oil stains from your driveway

How many of us hate the site of ugly oil stains on your driveway?

Removing oil stains from your drive can be a pain if you're not sure how to go about it the best way. Pressure washing doesn't always get rid of stains, though it can help reduce the problem. Brushing and scrubbing the drive with detergent will also be fruitless. But using a special chemical designed for specifically removing stains can make a big difference.

Watch the video below to see how one firm uses this method to clean up a block paved driveway, leaving it looking almost like new again.


Traditional vs modern – which to choose?

Traditional vs modern window cleaning, which method should you choose?

Looking to clean the windows of your home, office building or shop windows? Then you might be wondering how exactly you’re going to clean those windows – whether you should try it out yourself or to get a professional involved in the cleaning process. This decision really comes down to the scale of the job, your budget, and also whether you prefer the idea of using the traditional method of window cleaning or the more modern method of window cleaning.

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Tips for Winter car care

It’s the beginning of March in the UK and boy has Winter arrived with a vengeance. Most of the country is under a blanket of snow and the usual warnings about not travelling unless absolutely essential have been broadcast to the nation. Scotland and the Northern counties as well as parts of the South have been particularly affected.

So here’s some tips on how to prepare your car against the elements. Better late than never eh?


Carpet cleaning services

Thinking of having your carpets cleaned before Xmas? Many cleaning companies in the UK recommend that your carpets are cleaned annually to keep them looking good, in better condition and more hygienic.

Having your carpets cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning service will produce a better longer lasting clean and enhance your home with a fresh new look and feel.

Some of the carpet cleaners we recommend can be found here… Cleaning companies

Cleaning your oven glass door

Ever wondered how you can clean the glass inside the two front glass oven panels?

Here’s a video tutorial that might help. Please note that removal instructions of the oven door might vary between oven manufacturers so please refer to your oven manual if different from this video.

Are your pets at risk?

A recent article in the Express warns about how ‘Cleaning your home could be deadly for your cats and dogs’

In the article it goes on to explain how animals have been left with horrific burns after coming into contact with dangerous everyday cleaning agents.

“One pet dog has had to be put to sleep after suffering caustic burns to its paws, legs and mouth from laundry detergent, while a cat was left foaming when it licked a floor cleaned with disinfectant.”

One of the biggest household hazards and cause for concern are toilets treated with chemicals.

Rebecca Ashman, a PDSA vet warned that… “With many households doing their spring cleaning, it’s important to ensure products are safe to use around pets.

“Millions of us use bleach, oven cleaner, dishwasher tablets and laundry detergents all the time in the home but we need to realise how dangerous they can be to our pets.

“Products such as bleach and detergents are highly corrosive and cause permanent and even life-threatening damage to a pet’s skin or insides if swallowed.”

So take heed, and for more details about other hazards in your home and what precautions you should take, please read the rest of this article via this link…

Window Cleaning Magazine 2017

Window Cleaning Magazine

The Window Cleaning Magazine is the leading magazine for professional window cleaners in the UK and Worldwide.

The magazine is packed with content including reviews of new equipment and articles specifically aimed to help owners of window cleaning companies to improve their business, plus news relevant to their industry.

The January/February issue is the first issue to be released this year with more issues to come. There are plenty of back issues available too which can be downloaded from their website

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