Professional window cleaning services that you can rely on.

All window cleaning services that we recommend must first meet our strict criteria before they are approved by QWC.

This means that all members of the Quality Window Cleaners network are:

  • Professional, reliable and customer friendly
  • Covered by a comprehensive public liability insurance
  • Have a sign written vehicle with clearly visible contact information
  • Use staff that are fully uniformed and polite
  • Conform to Health & Safety regulations
  • Have a professional website with their company contact details
  • Comply with our ‘Quality Guarantee’ (see below)

The Quality Window Cleaners ‘Quality Guarantee’

All window cleaners approved by QWC have agreed to adhere to our ‘Quality Guarantee’ which means that if there is ever a quality issue you will receive a free clean of the window(s) in question providing you contact them within 24 hours of cleaning. Members have also agreed to offer an exclusive special offer to visitors of Quality Window Cleaners ( with a generous 20% discount on your first clean when you present a QWC voucher.

Apply using our window cleaning discount VOUCHER OFFER.

When you book a window cleaner through QWC you can be sure that the service you receive will be of the highest standard and provided by a professional company who are reliable and friendly and will never let you down. No matter how small or how large your property is we can help you find the best window cleaner in your area to suit your needs.

Better cleaning using ‘pure’ water systems

The cleaning methods that most of our approved window cleaning members use have many benefits to the customer.

In most cases the cleaning of your windows is carried out using the best window cleaning systems available today. This means that your windows are cleaned using ionised 100% pure filtered water to eliminate any contaminants. This will ensure your windows are cleaned more efficiently. In fact they will not only be cleaner but they will also stay cleaner for a longer period of time after every clean.

The ionised pure water is applied by pumping it through a water fed pole system, which also enables the window cleaner to reach windows that were previously inaccessible, such as windows above conservatories, as well as windows on properties 3 storeys high or more, and in narrow alleyways where the use of ladders would be dangerous.

Better results

The dirt particles that accumulate on your windows are removed by agitating them with a soft bristled brush and rinsed away using pure water. No chemicals or detergents are used during this process as they are not required. This makes the cleaning process very quick and efficient, as well as environmentally friendly.

You should expect the windows that are cleaned using this method to be left wet, but don’t worry this is quite normal. If you have previously used a window cleaner that cleans the traditional way using detergent and a squeegee, you may find it strange that leaving your windows wet will provide better results. But please be assured that your windows will dry naturally, and once dry we guarantee you will be impressed with the sparkling clean finish.

The reason your windows will seem to stay clean longer is because there is no sticky residue left on the windows. Usually, rainfall will mix with the soap residue and form little spots on the windows. By using the pure water cleaning method, all traces of soap will be rinsed away resulting in a longer lasting clean.

Other benefits to the customer

The use of a high reach water fed pole means increased privacy, something that many householders appreciate because there is no more concern about the window cleaner appearing at your bedroom window. Noise and disturbance is also kept to a minimum. Another benefit is that your lawn or garden borders will not be affected by dents left in the grass or soil from the use of this ladder free system.

First clean for new customers

If a new customer’s windows, sills and frames are exceptionally dirty due to not being cleaned for a long time, a small extra surcharge may be levied to cover the extra time required for additional cleaning. However, extra cleaning is only required when the windows are very dirty. Customers also have the option to have their conservatory windows and/or conservatory roof cleaned at an additional charge, as well as the cleaning of uPVC fascias, soffits, cladding, guttering or solar panels if required to brighten up the exterior of your home.

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